Current Core Turnaround Status

All operations are normal at this time.

Turnaround Time

We are currently completing samples that were submitted 2 days ago. This is not a prediction of future turnaround times; it is an approximation of current and recently-past turnaround.

2 days

Samples Running

This includes samples in various stages of processing, potentially spanning multiple days of production


Samples Waiting in the Queue

These are samples not yet assigned to a technician for processing.


Help Us Keep Up To Speed

  • In short bursts, the Core can handle as many as 2400 samples per day, but our sustained output is usually lower to allow for maintenance chores, instrument upkeep and personnel absences. Typical production rates are on the order of 1400 samples per day, +/- a few hundred
  • Samples that do not arrive at the core promptly are processed at a lower priority.
  • Don't distract the Core Technicians from their work.
  • Don't ask them 'when will my sample be done?' - You can check your sample status Sample Status Online!
  • Give us ALL the DNA and Primer We NEED : Give us 10 ul template times the number of lanes in which that template will be used. That's enough for a second run, just in case there's a problem with the sequencers that day. You can always check the box to request we save your leftover DNA.