Download Recent Sequencing Results

For Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis*

Welcome to the SEQCORE Download Area. This is where you can get your recent sequencing results files for Sanger Sequencing and Fragment Analysis.

We have some great information about how to download and view your results files. Click here for detailed instructions.

You'll be pulling the files from our server using FTP. There are two different ways you can pull your files.

If you have one or two files to download

If you have only a few files, you can just use your web browser to download the files. Enter your PI's SEQCORE login in the box below, and press the Login button. Your browser will then ask you for the PI's SEQCORE login (again), and the lab password. Then you'll see a list of files that you can download one at a time.

If you need more help with the process, click here for detailed instructions.

PI login (who is your PI?)

If you have a lot of files to download

Don't use this page because you'll have to click on each file one at a time. It will take forever. Use FTP Client software to make your life simpler. Click here for detailed instructions.

Forgot your lab password?

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*Results for other sequencing services

If you are looking for data from NextGen Sequencing, Microarrays, SNP Typing or Epigenomics, those datasets are not on this server. Please consult the email you received from the DNA SEQCORE, announcing the availability of new data. The email has instructions on where to download those datasets.